I’m going to win the lottery

I’ve decided to get a lottery ticket this week. I must win, despite the odds.

Last night shows me that odds can be beaten.

I supported Lomokev’s Book Launch at Add The Colour in Brighton. The evening was a fantastic occasion. The venue was just the right size, the company was great, the beer was cold and the coffee tasty (thanks Dan).

Up on the wall are photographs from various local amateur photographers including myself. I’ve got a photo I took a couple of weeks ago using a film camera as a test shot. It shows a street scene near Farringdon Station with a lovely lady in the front right corner peering at her iPhone completely oblivious to me.

Dot! was lost

Dot! was lost

I think its one of my better photos I’ve taken recently and printed a copy (or three) and took them down to Add The Colour. Dan graciously framed one and it’s up on the wall now.

Anyway, last night someone looked at the photo and spotted that they knew the lady standing there in the photo. In fact she was there in the room with us!

What are the chances of taking a random street photo in London and then meeting the person who’s the focus of that photo two weeks later at a book launch in Brighton?

A lottery ticket: must get one.

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Alonso and Drive Through Penalties

Last Grand Prix at Valencia Fernando Alonso complained bitterly about a drive through penalty that Lewis Hamilton got and the fact it was so late after the fact.

Today Alonso got a drive through penalty for gaining an advantage by missing a corner and quite rightly so.
What he should have done is let the other car back through and then trying again. By not doing so he got a penalty. His defence was that the Renault subsequently retired so it didn’t make a difference.
But it did. It meant he wasn’t held up by the Renault and could therefore go faster.

If the stewards had investigated the issue quicker the Renault would still have been racing and it would have just been a penalty.

I seem to remember at Valencia last year that Lewis Hamilton gained an advantage by overtaking when he missed the final corner, handed back the place to the other car and then overtook the car a second time.
Despite handing back the place Hamilton was given a penalty.

So how did Alonso expect to get away with his flagrant disregard of the rules today?

He was so angry afterwards. I think at himself for not doing the right thing at the time.

How often is it the driver in the wrong who gets angry? It’s the embarrassment that you haven’t done as good a job as you should have or your mind wandered or you was caught where you shouldn’t have been.

Better luck next time Fernando, time to hide away.

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Why Does My Epson Printer Waste So Much Ink?

One thing I have real difficulty with is wasted ink.
My printer at home, an Epson 4880 large format printer, gets blocked nozzles frequently. When talking to Epson sales people they say it doesn’t happen.
It does.
To fix the issue, the printer incorporates a scanner that can detect missing nozzles by running a nozzle check. This involves printing blocks of colour. Each nozzle has a small block in a large colour section. Once all the nozzles have printed the scanner head looks for missing blocks.
So far so good.
When it detects a missing nozzle it then starts cleaning the head.
This is the section I can’t get my head round.
It seems that rather than clean *just* the nozzles that are missing, it decides to do a complete spring clean. This can, perversely enough, lead to other nozzles blocking.
It also leads to a large amount of ink being wasted each time.
Once the heads have been cleaned it prints the blocks of colour again, looking afresh for blocked nozzles. Of course, should it find a blocked nozzle it then cleans the head again, and again, and again.

Nozzle Head check

A typical head cleaning page

I’ve had a situation the other week where I lost a whole colour. This needed a clean. Another colour went missing the next time. Another clean. Two completely different colours went missing.
Eventually they all came back – it needed a deep clean, a new waste ink container and wasted half the ink in each cartridge that is.

It’s not cheap keeping the beast happy with ink. The cartridges are 110ml each and cost about £50 for each one, and there’s 8 of them.

For a printer that’s supposed to be a professional printer I was expecting more.

The prints it produces are stunning. Absolutely lovely quality.

And to top it off, when printing from a roll of paper it wastes about 4 inches of paper at the top of each job. Why? I’ve no idea. Doesn’t do it for sheets of paper. Perhaps Epson thinks at because it’s a roll of paper I’ve got loads to spare.

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why I don’t watch football

So I decided to watch the world cup England Algeria game.

What a waste of two and a half hours.

Will we be going through? Do we deserve to go through? Not from what I’ve seen tonight. We should be embarrassed by how this game has gone. I hope they don’t get paid for this evenings shite

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Daily Mail uses my photo without permission

CF5_6736, originally uploaded by clive.flint.

I had to get up during the night to blow my nose and whilst having a quick check of flickr noticed that this photo was being hit a lot.

It turns out the Daily Mail website has used a cropped version in an article about Nick Clegg. No sign of who took the photo, I haven’t been asked and they haven’t paid me either.

Does anyone know a good lawyer who can help me get paid by the Daily Mail? They’ve had use of the photo for over a month so far.

Daily Mail Rip Off

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I spent Saturday attempting to buy a pair of jeans after my last ones had the bottom fall out last week.
First trip was to Matalan, at my wife’s insistence. £8 for a pair seemed quite cheap but they didn’t have my size on the shelf. I did find some on the wall though and trooped to the pay desk. Amazing how as you walk to the front of the shop the price inflates. Buy the time I’d paid they were £35!
Took them home, tried them on (I can’t stand using a changing room in a shop) and discovered they weren’t very comfortable.
So Sunday, next stop – Brighton.
Got to Churchill Square at about 10.30 and discovered they don’t open until 11. Waited around and went to the Levi shop.
Bought 2 pairs of 501’s at £65 each! Phew! That was expensive. I got the 501’s as that’s what my old ones were, or so I thought.
Got them home. My wife told me they were button fly jeans. Dammit. I prefer a zip. Much easier to do up.
So, back in the car for yet another shopping trip. Back to the store. Asked to swap for 581s. Except they don’t stock 581s. Seems they are old stock and aren’t available. But they do 505s which is a 501 with a zip fly.
Great, i thought. And then they informed me that each pair was £95 and special edition 505s.
£95 per pair??? Are they mad? I want to wear them, not frame them as art.
So here I am today at work, wearing my 501s. And I’ve just discovered a hole in the stitching.
Looks like another trip back to Levi’s in store for me.

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It was this big

It was this big, originally uploaded by clive.flint.

Taken at my local Fish’n’Chip shop in Patcham, Brighton.
If you ever wanted an inquisitive person asking lots of questions then this is the one to use.
Great batter on the fish, although the chips can be a bit soggy.

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