Councils and parking

I went to pick up my father last night (he was coming round for Fish’n’Chips) and whilst waiting for him to get his coat and shoes on (takes a while) he mentioned the local councils plans for parking in his area of Hove. The council want to restrict him from parking outside his own house by putting double yellow lines across the drives as well as requiring him, his wife and their two children living at home to get parking permits. 8am to 8pm restrictions were bandied about.

A bit of background about this. The council are trying to put this cock up in place due to an earlier cock up down the road just the other side of Hove Park. Over there is a new office block on the site of the old Alliance and Leicester building. Parking in the old days was easy, they had a huge car park for their staff.

Area affected by new parking issues. New buildings just above the ‘A’.

So the old building was pulled down, new ones proposed along with housing that looks quite expensive. The council blocked an application to have lots of car park spaces. So there are now 200 spaces for 2000 employees. The council says it should promote car sharing. How many cars can get 10 people in? I’ve yet to find one other than a bus.

So we now have the sutuation that the workers have to park in the streets surrounding the office which causes issues for the local residents, most of whom have lived there for years.

And what does the council do about it? Yep, restict parking even more. Sheer lunacy.

I can’t understand what sort of person the council employs to come up with these hair brained schemes. Surely someone *might* have thought that 200 spaces for 2000 people could cause issues? Or maybe not.

Anyway, I think the council people at the feedback session got more than they bargained for yesterday. But it’ll go through anyway. The only reason for getting feedback in a council is to show you *listened*.

So, thats my first blog post. Hope it wasn’t too rant laden.


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One Response to Councils and parking

  1. justmesqui says:

    Officially the first comment on the first post of Clive’s first blog.

    haven’t got much to say really.

    Think you should ditch your car and use public transport MORE
    Motor vehicles are over rated, the only good ones are F1 cars.

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