What to get others for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is upon us. This leads to present gathering, which leads to the pain of what to get people. People who have (nearly) everything.

When I was young (quite a few years ago) working out what to get others for Christmas was quite easy. No one had much as everything seemed so expensive. So whatever you would get them they would feel happy with (within reason). I remember getting my dad some Optics for his Gin ‘n’ Tonics. They worked well on his half barrel bar. Sadly the bar and optics have gone away.

Now it seems that we earn more money and it’s relatively cheap and easy to purchase what we want when we want it. There isn’t a real need to have a once a year present fest. Now this might not be the case for everyone – those on benefits etc – no wait, they tend to have bigger flat screen TVs than the rest of us.

So I have to work out what to get my wife, my father, his wife, my sister and her husband etc. What do you get someone who has everything? Even ‘experience’ days are hard to find for some people. My dad is a bit infirm these days so I can’t see him wanting a trip in a Ferrari – he wouldn’t be able to get out at the end.

The nearer to Christmas we get, the more I worry about the lack of presents obtained. This tends to make me bah humbug and the old fallbacks come out. Case of wine normally does for my family, but gets a bit samey after a few years.

But hooray! I’ve just sorted my sister and her husband. They now have a trip rolling down a hill together. Would like to watch that one. It should be quite fun. hehe.

So what to get for people…


About cliveflint

I work in IT looking after Windows servers. I enjoy moaning about things I can't change. This blog could help me vent some frustration. You can find me at twitter.com/cliveflint
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One Response to What to get others for Christmas?

  1. steaders says:

    Have you thought about giving them a present from Oxfam Unwrapped? http://poprl.com/5Hh

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