I spent Saturday attempting to buy a pair of jeans after my last ones had the bottom fall out last week.
First trip was to Matalan, at my wife’s insistence. £8 for a pair seemed quite cheap but they didn’t have my size on the shelf. I did find some on the wall though and trooped to the pay desk. Amazing how as you walk to the front of the shop the price inflates. Buy the time I’d paid they were £35!
Took them home, tried them on (I can’t stand using a changing room in a shop) and discovered they weren’t very comfortable.
So Sunday, next stop – Brighton.
Got to Churchill Square at about 10.30 and discovered they don’t open until 11. Waited around and went to the Levi shop.
Bought 2 pairs of 501’s at £65 each! Phew! That was expensive. I got the 501’s as that’s what my old ones were, or so I thought.
Got them home. My wife told me they were button fly jeans. Dammit. I prefer a zip. Much easier to do up.
So, back in the car for yet another shopping trip. Back to the store. Asked to swap for 581s. Except they don’t stock 581s. Seems they are old stock and aren’t available. But they do 505s which is a 501 with a zip fly.
Great, i thought. And then they informed me that each pair was £95 and special edition 505s.
£95 per pair??? Are they mad? I want to wear them, not frame them as art.
So here I am today at work, wearing my 501s. And I’ve just discovered a hole in the stitching.
Looks like another trip back to Levi’s in store for me.


About cliveflint

I work in IT looking after Windows servers. I enjoy moaning about things I can't change. This blog could help me vent some frustration. You can find me at
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