I’m going to win the lottery

I’ve decided to get a lottery ticket this week. I must win, despite the odds.

Last night shows me that odds can be beaten.

I supported Lomokev’s Book Launch at Add The Colour in Brighton. The evening was a fantastic occasion. The venue was just the right size, the company was great, the beer was cold and the coffee tasty (thanks Dan).

Up on the wall are photographs from various local amateur photographers including myself. I’ve got a photo I took a couple of weeks ago using a film camera as a test shot. It shows a street scene near Farringdon Station with a lovely lady in the front right corner peering at her iPhone completely oblivious to me.

Dot! was lost

Dot! was lost

I think its one of my better photos I’ve taken recently and printed a copy (or three) and took them down to Add The Colour. Dan graciously framed one and it’s up on the wall now.

Anyway, last night someone looked at the photo and spotted that they knew the lady standing there in the photo. In fact she was there in the room with us!

What are the chances of taking a random street photo in London and then meeting the person who’s the focus of that photo two weeks later at a book launch in Brighton?

A lottery ticket: must get one.


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I work in IT looking after Windows servers. I enjoy moaning about things I can't change. This blog could help me vent some frustration. You can find me at twitter.com/cliveflint
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One Response to I’m going to win the lottery

  1. Jane says:

    I got a couple of pictures of this coincidence (on an iPhone so they’re not great)
    The first is Dot pointing at herself – http://janeonthemove.posterous.com/dot-finds-a-photo-of-herself-at-lomokevs-book
    The second is of you and her with the photograph -http://janeonthemove.posterous.com/photographer-cliveflint-meets-subject-dot-at

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